Success Stories


Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep '08

Robert is a high school senior with the poise, focus and expressiveness you’d expect of someone twice his age. It comes as little surprise to learn that the talented singer joined his church’s choir when he was only five. His single, working mom taught him the value of education early—insisting that he attend private school from the start to develop in the safe and supportive environment she couldn’t find at his local public school in Oakland.

Ten years and 10 straight Guardsmen Scholarships later, Robert is a popular senior at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep, and integral to its Chorus ensemble. He thanks The Guardsmen for allowing him to attend a school with “the best performing arts department in the City,” and to work with a chorus that instills a sense of discipline and opportunity in him that he applies to every part of his life.

The school’s rigorous college-prep curriculum has not always been easy for Robert, but his academic challenges never go unnoticed by the dedicated team of academic counselors at Sacred Heart.  He turned to these counselors and his Chorus family for strength and support when his mom passed away in December of his senior year. Now, in her memory, he is more determined than ever to pursue his singing career. His next big début will be at Willamette University in Oregon, where he plans to study music and performing arts.

Willamette may be the springboard for Robert’s career, but the faculty of Sacred Heart, his Chorus community and his Guardsmen friends will never forget where he got his start.