How To Apply



Partner Agencies submit funding requests to The Guardsmen each year, identifying the number of anticipated applicants and confirming the applicants meet our financial guidelines. The Guardsmen reviews each partner request and pledges an amount for the year. Once agencies submit completed camper applications payments are disbursed directly to the agency.

Interested parties should contact the Partner Agencies of their choice to request campership support.


Students’ families select the private school of their choice and apply to receive Guardsmen support for a portion of the tuition.

Tuition payments are made by The Guardsmen directly to schools. Recipients from the prior year and their siblings are automatically enrolled provided that they reapply annually and continue to meet academic and financial eligibility requirements.

The Guardsmen is accepting only Renewal Applications from students currently enrolled in our program. Additionally, The Guardsmen may solicit qualified applicants from partnering schools as our funding allows; the application for new enrollment is no longer available to the public at this time.